YouTube Channels


The main purpose of this blog is actually to create a personal learning network for myself as part of a Master’s course I’m taking called the internet, adult education and community development (I’ve written a post earlier with more information about this). In order to keep my network growing, I am going to continue adding resources to the blog which will help me with my upcoming EFL teaching job this summer in Toronto!

I don’t use youtube for many purposes but I was always aware of their channels. Something useful to note is that if you search ‘English’ pages upon pages of free English lessons come up. These can be useful for teachers in terms of activity or homework ideas, or can be recommended to students who want extra practice. Here are some of the most promising ones, including a variety of accents:

Rachel’s English
Doing English with Julian
Voice of America
engVid (8 different teachers)
Cambridge English
BBC Learning English
Speak English with Steve Ford
Two Minute English
Speak English with Misterduncan
Dialogue Worldwide


Marrakech Medina



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