Preparing for the Interview


Asilah, Morocco

Interviews can be pretty stressful and intimidating but the good thing about interviews for jobs abroad is that they are usually done over the phone or Skype. With those added layers of ‘comfort’ you should be able to feel more relaxed. Just remember that silence doesn’t mean you need to talk more, your interviewer is probably taking notes.

You might be asked any combination of these questions and others but it’s always better to be over-prepared and confident than underprepared and nervous. Also, you might be asked to prepare a short lesson plan, but you will be told this in advance. Here are some really useful links to get an idea of what you can expect during the interview: 

It’s really important to have your own questions for your interviewer, and you will probably have many since your new job will be in a foreign country!  You should also ask to be put in touch with a current teacher at the school to get an inside idea of what life is like there for a foreigner.

This website (which I have linked a few times before) has great advice for these questions.



Marrakech, Morocco


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