Finding an Employer


Busan, South Korea

This could be the most time and energy consuming, stressful part of the entire process. Or it could be one of the most exciting, if you remember that you will find work eventually. Then you can appreciate the plethora of available job opportunities. How many job fields are booming like this one is?

If you’ve never taught English abroad before, it’s a good idea to go through a recruiting company. They are (usually) professional and have been in the business for many years, some of them even as teachers.

You will need to apply through their website with a resume. They will contact you shortly after and conduct a phone interview to get a better idea of what kind of job you’re looking for. Then they will start sending you job descriptions that suit your profile. You can choose the ones you like, then you will have an interview over the phone or Skype with the school, and you will inform your recruiter whether or not you want the job. Once you’ve accepted the job, they will then help you with the proceeding steps, especially your visa.

Remember: they are making money off you so it’s in their interest that you accept your job offer, but don’t feel pressured!

Here are some recruiting companies, the top few being the most reputable and some being country specific:

If you’ve taught before or you’re feeling adventurous then you can search for your own jobs here: (this website also lists all the language schools by country and city)


Langcon English School, South Korea

Happy job hunting!


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