Where to Teach


Once you have your certification you can start to seriously search for a job. I’m going to make some brief generalizations about different parts of the world and offer some outside sources for more detailed information.

1) Europe – Probably a highly desired destination but with a serious restriction – visas! Most European countries are very reluctant to hire non EU citizens. But as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way! Of course, Western Europe = higher salaries but higher living costs and Eastern Europe = lower salaries but lower living costs.


Barcelona, Spain

2) Asia – A popular starting point for most teachers, Asia is a vast continent with countless job opportunities. The requirements start very low and the wages are quite reasonable in comparison to living costs. Jobs in Southeast Asia pay significantly less but again, lower living costs.


Seoul, South Korea

3) Middle East – An emerging destination, especially the Gulf countries. Lots of money to be made here tax free, but the requirements are much higher and the contracts are longer.

4) Latin America – The jobs don’t pay that well but that’s not what usually attracts teachers to this part of the world. Jobs are often found upon arrival.

5) Africa – Maybe the most undeveloped teaching location and likely attracting the adventurous type. Many volunteer opportunities.


Fez, Morocco

More country/city guides:



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