Staying Organized


There is so much information on the internet so where do I start? Luckily for this assignment there were some specific requirements. We have to use:

1) A social network platform – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (yeah, right!). There’s way more out there than I thought! I chose Twitter.

2) A news aggregator – This was a new concept to me and I went with Feedly. I really like it so far and it even inspired me to add an extra research question. There are many lists of the ‘best’ ones, and here’s one of those lists.

3) A blog – Plenty to choose from but I’ve used WordPress before and find it pretty user friendly. Here are some opinions of the best sites to use.

4) A social bookmarking component – Again a new concept for me, I went with Delicious, mostly because I liked the name! I don’t fully see the value of this yet, maybe I have to play around with it more. There’s a whole website dedicated to the best ones.

With all these (free) resources available, I wonder what I’ve been doing with the hours I’ve spent online!


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