My goal is to develop a PLN based on teaching English abroad. Why? I have three reasons:

1) Teaching English abroad is not a new phenomenon but is one that has become increasingly popular.

2) This is a job field that has benefited greatly from advancements made in the internet and technology in general.

3) My personal interest in this topic stems from my experience as an English teacher in South Korea and Morocco.


Casablanca street art

The general questions that I want to find answer to are:

1) What kind of certification do I need and where can I get it?

2) Where can/should I teach English?

3) How can I find a trustworthy employer? Should I go through a recruiter?

4) What can I expect during the interview? What questions should I ask?

5) Where can I learn more about the city/country I will be moving to?

6) What are the best ways to keep in touch with friends and family?

7) Where can I find reliable teaching resources?


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